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traumatic stress: African idioms and the validity of current diagnostic systems

1. Posttraumatic stress disorder
Differences in how people perceive & express distress
Diagnostic instruments
Epidemiology & treatment
2. Anxiety and Panic disorder
The 'work of culture'
A biocultural interactional concep for panic disorders
3. Somatoform disorders
Somatisation disorder
  - Somatising as an indication for he presence of a disorder or of specific psychopathology
  - Somatising as symbolic expression of an itra-psychological conflict
  - Somatising as an idiomatic expression of distress or unwellness
  - Somatising as a metaphor for a sensation of perception
  - Somatising as a social standpoint or as a form of social protest
or displeasure
  - Managing the different interpretations around somatising
  - Epidemiology of somatisation disorder
4. Implications for DSM-V and DSM-VI
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